Should oil be the basis for the united states
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Question: Should oil be the basis for the United States to become in involved militarily?

To answer this question, write an essay of 3 pages meeting standard APA requirements.

Before giving your position in the essay, delineate key points on both sides of the issue.

Site at least four sources from peer-reviewed journals in support and against - two sources for each position. After you have done the above, give your position along with justification


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We know the fact that, government will utilize their manpower for capturing the resources that are not available in the country. While analyzing the existence of US military in Middle East countries we can able to understand that their main objective is to get the oil from the Middle East countries. In this paper we are analyzing the defense strategy used by the US.

As per the report of Forbes (2012) America is the largest consumer of oil and they required 14.5 million barrels for a day. The country can be also called as the major importer of oil, in which they are mainly focusing on Middle East countries. The availability of oil in the country is very low, and they invested huge amount for establishing oil plants in an effective way. According to the words of US former president George W. Bush (2008) it is the time for the country to give more importance to energy saving schemes and we have to develop an effective trade link between the oil exporting countries. As per the report of Business Insider (2012) the major goal of military is ensure the free flow of oil to US, they are using different strategies for keeping the military in the Middle East countries. We know the fact, in the terms of technology and in the terms of quality US companies and products are the best, but in the case of oil they heavily depending upon other counties. The US government and authorities want to become independent with the related with energy.

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