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In a total of no more than 1000 words (and no less than 750 words) answer the following questions:

1 Should McDonalds undertake more responsibility (play a more proactive role) in their customers' health or this is just a matter of individual responsibility?

2 Is the documentary objective or biased? Are there any ethical concerns regarding the methods employed by the filmmaker?

How has pressure resulting from this video affected McDonalds? Has the company changed as a result? If so, how?


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In this documentary film Super Size Me tried to explore how the fast food is affecting the young generation of the U.S society but the people from all over the world. He also tried to show that due to the busy lifestyle people move towards the fast food which again has drastic effect on their psychological and physical well being. Morgan Spurlock in his film tried to explorer the corporate influence of the fast food industry and how the Mc Donald and the fast food companies are encouraging the poor nutrition for their own profit (Veltman, 2004).

Mc Donald’s and the Individual Responsibility:
Industries related to the fast food are strongly connected with the issues related to the obesity and health of the public. Mc Donald’s being the leader of the fast food industry is accused many times for the health and the issues related to the obesity. It is the responsibility of the Mc Donald’s to protect the health of the consumers consuming their products. According to the Universal declaration of the human rights it is the responsibilities of the companies to carry out such activities which are good for the public and also help them in making the profits. Hence looking into the health of the consumer it is the responsibility of the company to display the nutritional values of all the food items which are to be consumed by the public.

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