Shift of american health insurance policies

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The Shift of American Health Insurance Policies

 How the Changes Affect Our Economy

 I.  A brief explanation of who is insured in the U.S. and how.

a. Uninsured

b. Insured via government (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)

c. Privately insured

II. The cost of healthcare in the U.S. is more expensive vs. in other nations.

a. Cost per capita

b. Cost to government

c. Insurance: how much to private vs. administrative cost

d. How the economic theory is involved

e. Pie Chart used for comparison

III. The current insurance system has a negative effect on employers & employees.

a. Employees

1. High deductibles, etc.

2. High cost even covered procedures

3. Some ineligible

b. Employers

1. Reducing benefits to employees

2. Fewer raises offered

3. Cheaper- managed care

IV. There are unnecessary costs to providers in the U.S.

a. High administrative

b. Lots unnecessary employees - paperwork and denied claims

c. Decrease care due to high volume needed

V. Insurance companies are inefficient.

a. High administrative

1. Cost of marketing, managed care, etc

b. Maximize profits

1. Avoid high risk

2. Increase price, decrease coverage

3. Pay little as possible to provider

VI. There is a negative financial impact to society with the current system.

a. No preventative; sick become sicker, more expensive

b. Cost uninsured to community / taxpayers

c. Increased load Medicare & other govt. funded programs

d. Bankruptcy due to medical care

e. Businesses handicapped vs. other nations

f. Fewer workers (disability & illness)

VII. America is inferior in its quality of healthcare.

a. Statistics of US worse vs. other nations

b. Poor receiving little / no care, treated unfairly

VIII. A universal program is better in cost and efficiency.

a. More preventative = less expensive long run

b. Lower administrative costs

c. Cost covering uninsured vs. money saved by low administrative costs

d. Better for US business

e. Compare to Medicare (publicly funded)

IX. What health program is better financially and morally?

a. Universal mindset

b. Conclusion

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Reference no: EM13222223

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