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The accompanying balances were removed from the record of Rahul on 31st March, 2003. You are asked for to set up a trial equalization as on that date in the best possible structure.

Rs.                                                                   Rs.

Salaries                        36,320                         Purchases                   1,44,670

Sales                            1,73,500                      Sundry Debtors             1,430

Plant & Machinery         34,300                         Travelling Expenses     2,630

Commission Paid          1,880                           Carriage Inward                        240

Stock on 1.4.2002         11,100                          Sundry Creditors          14,260

Repairs                        1670                             Capital, 1.4.2002          62,500

Sundry Expenses          460                              Drawings                      3,500

Returns Inward             1,000                            Cash at Bank                1,090

Discount Allowed          1,150                            Returns Outward           400

Rent and Rates             3,220                            Investments                  6,000

Reference no: EM13910736

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