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Assignment 1: Discussion-Organizational Culture and Change Implementation

In the public health arena, you will find public health professionals have a unique organizational culture that is distinct from acute care medicine. Organizational culture has a significant impact on how change implementation will be viewed and enacted. It is important for you to understand that all industries, based on their specific culture, will react differently when implementing change.

Respond to the following questions associated with the importance of organizational culture and change implementation using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and Internet resources:

- A strong organizational culture is a necessary component of outstanding performance, but it is not sufficient. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your position.

- Explain why organizations with multiple stakeholder values are likely to be more adaptive than organizations with just one stakeholder value.

- Research the concept of a self-sealing value loop. How might the self-sealing value loop work for a manager who holds Theory Y values?

- The value of employee participation in creating motivation for change is widely recognized. Yet, managers resist the idea of recognizing employees' contribution to change. Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answers with appropriate reasons.

Give reasons to support your statements.

Write your initial response in approximately 200 words.

Assignment: Change Management Plan

Your final product should be an 8-12-page paper in Word format, not including the title page, abstract, or reference page, utilizing a minimum of 6 scholarly sources. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

The ultimate goal of achievement in this course is to be able to build a change management plan that can actually be used. This plan will rely on everything you have learned about change implementation and management in public health to date.

Throughout the course, you have worked on this course project for creating a change management plan for a specific public health organization.

In this assignment, build upon your research and develop the change management plan for this public health organization. In your plan, address the interplay of processes, systems, personal and professional roles, and the resources needed to achieve the expected outcomes. Conduct research, analyze the subject matter, and synthesize your findings into your change management plan.

Utilizing the sequential model of effective change implementation, demonstrate the following steps in your plan:

1. Provide recommendations for redesigning the organization by:

a. Defining roles

b. Assigning responsibilities

c. Establishing or redesigning organizational relationships

2. Provide recommendations for soliciting help by:

Conducting organization-wide training

a. Establishing and assigning mentors

3. Provide recommendations for aligning people by:

Conducting an organizational assessment of employees' current assignments

a. Enacting promotions where needed

b. Enacting replacements of people who are reassigned or promoted

c. Recruiting talent when and where needed throughout organization

4. Provide recommendations for changing systems and structures by:

Establishing new organizational reporting relationships

a. Adjusting compensation/benefit packages

b. Providing adequate and clear information to implement change

c. Evaluating change implementation through monitoring to sustain changes made
Be sure to address the issues you have been studying throughout this course. Within the four sections, include the following:

- Identify the stakeholders inside and outside of your organization and explain how you will include them in your change management plan.

- Discuss whether your plan will rely on process-driven change or content-driven change, and why.

- Explain how you will build high employee commitment to the change management plan.

- Analyze how you will incorporate "fair process" and use 1) engagement; 2) explanation; and 3) expectation clarity, for a successful change implementation experience.

- Analyze and give reasons for the organizational structure design (functional, divisional, matrix, or horizontal) you will utilize in your change management plan.

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The solution to both the assignments. Solution to assignment 1 describes the precise explanation to the given arguments and has 1 reference in apa format and it contains about 220 words, the solution to assignment 2 has the desired explanations to the given problems and is about 3040 word long excluding abstract and references. I have given 8 references (required was 6) in APA 6 format and all the contents are plagiarism free.

Reference no: EM131316027

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here are teh previous assignemnts i have done this month. please read instructions for assignement 2 and i need the assignement 1 today. 66580_1Akhtaruzzaman M3 A2.ppt 66580_2AkhtaruzzamanS M1 A3 1.doc 66580_3AkhtaruzzamanS M2 A2.doc this is the last assignment. there are no hand outs or any class notes for assignment 2. i was given the assignment and was asked to follow directions to complete. 66580_1AkhtaruzzamanS M4 A2 2.doc look at M1_A3 assignment which needed to be used for assignemnt 2 of which i have requested to be done and paid for. Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Assignment Components Proficient Maximum Points Apply the sequential model of effective change implementation to create the change implementation plan for the organization. Application demonstrates no errors in application. Implementation aligns features of the model to the organization in most instances. 44 Provide recommendations for redesigning the organization.

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