Semiannual coupon bond valuation

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Semiannual coupon bond valuation

1. Hartnett Computing has 8 year, non-callable, 8.8% semiannual coupon bonds outstanding. The bonds have a par value of $1,000 and a nominal YTM of 9.5%. What is the bond's current market price?

a. $994.48

b. $961.38

c. $1,049.65

d. $1,038.62

e. $950.35

2. Suppose a sinking fund provision were attached to Hartnett's bond indenture for this issue. The bonds originally were 10- year bonds and were issued 2 years ago. The sinking fund provision requires Hartnett to buy back 10% of the outstanding bonds each year. It is time to Hartnett to retire this year's portion of the outstanding bonds. Based on the data obtained in the previous question, should Hartnett call bonds from investors for redemption at par or buy bonds on the market?

a. Buy back bonds on the open market

b. Call bonds from investors for redemption at par through a lottery

Reference no: EM1338573

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