Select the primary keys for each table in your list.

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Reference no: EM13950247

Using the final table list you created for Learning Event 3, select the Primary Keys for each table in your list. Then, select one of your tables and complete field specifications for each field.

Use the field specifications sheet located on page 286 (Figure 9-1) of your textbook.


Reference no: EM13950247

Write pseudo code for make-set find-set and union

Write pseudo code for MAKE-SET, FIND-SET, and UNION using the linked-list representation and the weighted-union heuristic. Make sure to specify the attributes that you assum

Comparison between file approach and database approach

In general, my report talks about the Database management system. But I want to a specific topics of it in 3 pages. The topics are: Comparison between File approach and Databa

Difference between navigation mode and editing mode

In Datasheet view, what is the difference between navigation mode and editing mode? What command can you use in Datasheet view to remove the display of one or more fields from

Create a simple query for each table that returns

Create a simple query for each table that returns all of the columns and all of the rows for each table. Write a query that displays each part that has been purchased by Huffm

Create a query using the traditional join method

Using the BOOKS and PUBLISHER tables, create a query using the traditional join method that will return a list containing the book title, publisher contact person, and publi

Creates and populates the local db2 database

Populating Local DB2. Run the script that creates and populates the local DB2 database.  It has been posted on Bb, under Homework Assignments. Download it, study the relatio

Describe sql superkeys

Discussion of database with the goal of creating Web database applications. There is something of a disconnect between modeling data in an object-oriented language, such as

Create a pl-sql procedure to print out the reservation

Write a PL/SQL function that given a reservation ID, returns the name of guest who made that reservation. If there is no such reservation in the database, return null. Pleas


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