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Security Mechanism For Sensor Network Using XMPP Based Communication

The main problem in the sensor network is communication and information models to facilitate the access of smart sensor to a network.

The proposed standard is a solution using extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP) to transport message over sensor networks which is Ensure the security of communications over XMPP is one of the most important issues in sensor networks.

The XMPP communication security mechanism can deals with the requirements of authentication, integrity, confidentiality, nonrepudiation, and access control.

This new standard mechanism in XMPP communication utilizes the username and password security token as well as integrated publish and subscribe and role-based access control technologies.

In new security mechanism messages are exchanged based on publish and subscribe model using protracted security simple object access protocol over XMPP until released.

An instance is the model based on sensor networks to secure the XMPP-based communication in sensor network. This security mechanism will provide more feasibility of the security mechanism for XMPP communication which is based on sensor networks.

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Reference no: EM13879621

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