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Select a topic of interest to you relating to technology in education.

This is a RESEARCH paper. This means that you should be using professional journals and other professionally legitimate sources to summarize and articulate that which is relevant (RESEARCH-wise) in the area you have chosen.

Of course, you can also draw upon more informal sources of information, such as blogs, news articles, and other web-based content, but these must be supplemental to the more authoritative resources.

Your own opinion should not be present in this objective report. However, a blog entry must be posted reflecting on the findings of your research. Personal opinion and evaluation of your paper content is critical in your blog entry.

•DO NOT just rely on Google for searching for scholarly information Here are the types of services they can provide you with should you need:

o Identifying scholarly resources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles

o Searching library research databases (general or subject-specific)

o Evaluating information sources.

o Hands-on research sessions.

Reference no: EM13257588

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