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In the communication business, companies often use the linesof other communications companies. This line usage is a signifgantoperating expense for Blowhards Company. Generally acceptedaccounting principles require operating costs like line use to beexpensed as they are incurred each year. Each dollar of line costreduces the net income by a dollar. After reviewing thecompany's operations, blowhard concluded that the company didnot currently need all of the line use it was paying for. it wasreally paying the owner of the lines now so that the line use wouldbe available in the future for all the expected new customers.Blowhards instructed his accountant to capitalized all of the linecost charges and depreciate them over 10years. The accountantreluctantly followed instructions and the companies net income forthe current year showed a significant increase over prioryear's net income. Blowhard found away to report continuedgrowth in the company's net income and increase the value

How does Mr. Blowhard scheme affect the amount of income that the company would otherwise report in its financial statement and how does the scheme affect the company's balance sheet?

How many ways can you adjust the financial records to make your company look better yet still follow GAAP and ethical guidelines

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