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Written Sales Proposal

The sales proposal should include the following sections: Executive Summary, Customer Needs and Proposed Solution, Seller Profile, Pricing and Sales Agreement, and Implementation and Timetable. Use the information found on pages 130 - 132 and the Evaluating Sales Proposals Exhibit 6.3 on page 133 to assist you.

Reference no: EM131121741

Incorporating corporate social responsibility

Find an example of an organization that is incorporating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into its operations and overall management. Provide a brief summary regarding wh

Large employers to offer health insurance

Small employees are less likely than large employers to offer health insurance to their employees. One reason for this that health insurance tends to cost more for small emplo

What is the repair shops capacity utilization

A fleet repair facility has the capacity to repair 500 trucks per month. However, due to scheduled maintenance of their equipment, management feels that they can repair no mor

Job dissatisfier registered nurses have towards

List 1 job satisfier and 1 job dissatisfier registered nurses have towards their employers and employment? Express how you feel that these satisfiers or dissatisfiers often im

What were the barriers to negotiation

Read Skating on Thin Ice case in the learning materials section of the class portal and answer and give specific examples of key negotiation topics to the following question

Describe a positive and negative risk event-consequences

A firm hosts data-mining servers and performs data mining for other companies that do not desire the costs of hardware, software, or expertise to data mine their data. Describ

Translated into continued successful market positioning

Determine whether Logitech’s past ability to innovate can be translated into continued successful market positioning. If not, what competitive advantage can Logitech exploit t

Generate before she starts to make a profit

Tina would hire some accounting students to complete the forms, paying them for two hours at $ 12 per hour for each job. She would also have paper and supplies costs of $ 5


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