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Rachel lives and works in Chicago. She is the regional sales manager for a national fast-food chain. Due to unusual developments, she is compelled to work six straight weeks in the St. Louis area. Instead of spending the weekend there, she flies home every Friday night and returns early Monday morning. The cost of coming home for the weekend approximates $500. Had she stayed in St. Louis, deductible meals and lodging would have been $600. How much, if any, may Rachel deduct as to each weekend?

Reference no: EM13129533

Remaining basis in the partnership interest

How much gain or loss does Sam recognize; what is his basis in the property he received; and what is his remaining basis in the partnership interest?

Calculate the breakeven point for the company

Under the new method sales would increase by 15 percent each month, and net income would increase by one third. Fixed cost could be slashed to only $15,000 per month. Calcul

Maximum amount of short term commercial loan

What is the maximum amount of short term commercial loan that can be obtained by the firm to finance inventory expansion without violating its current policy?

Problem on interest payable annually

Novastar Corporation issued 2,000 of its 1,000, 10% ten-year bonds dated July 1, Year 1, at a time when the market paid 9% for bonds of similar risk. Interest is payable ann

Ideas of ways of comparing four companies

Can you provide me with some ideas for a project which entails choosing four companies that are in the same industry and similar in size (total revenues or total assets) fro

Who are the stakeholders in decision

Part (a) Who are the stakeholders in this decision? Part (b) Is it ethical for Judy to revise the costs as indicated? Briefly explain. Part (c) What should Judy do?

Problem on entry to record the transaction

A company purchased land costing $27,000 by making a 25 percent cash down payment and signing a 90-day note for the balance. The entry to record this transaction would ??

Reciprocity under the cost method

During the calendar year 2011, S Company earned $840,000 evenly throughout the year and declared a dividend of $300,000 on November 1. What is the amount needed to establish


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