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Martin’s Yachts has paid annual dividends of $1.40, $1.75, and $2.00 a share over the past three years, respectively. The company now predicts that it will maintain a constant dividend since its business has leveled off and sales are expected to remain relatively constant. Given the lack of future growth, you will only buy this stock if you can earn at least a 15% rate of return. Based on the dividend discount model, what is the maximum amount you should be willing to pay to buy one share today?

Reference no: EM13910890

Savings and loan offering an introductory rate

You receive a credit card application from Shady Banks Savings and Loan offering an introductory rate of 3.3 percent per year, compounded monthly for the first six months, inc

Current stock price-what is its required return

Suppose Paccar’s current stock price is $108.26 and it is likely to pay a $3.06 dividend next year. Since analysts estimate Paccar will have an 5.6 percent growth rate, what i

Difference between general obligation and revenue bond

Which of the following is not the Face Value (usually $1,000 in the US) of a bond? The difference between a general obligation and a revenue bond is: Your company is going to

In an effort to capture the large jet market

In an effort to capture the large jet market, Hiro Airplanes invested $14.264 billion developing its B490, which is capable of carrying 840 passengers. The plane has a list pr

What is the depreciation tax shield for this project

Your firm needs a machine which costs $130,000, and requires $28,000 in maintenance for each year of its 3 year life. After 3 years, this machine will be replaced. The machine

Fair market value of asset before event

During the year, Mark Zuckerberg had the following business theft losses and Reid Hoffman (AGI=$50,000) had the following personal casualty losses: · adjusted basis: Mark = $9

Determine the after-tax net present worth of the investment

A farmer bought a new harvester for $120,000. The harvesters operating expenses averaged $10,000 per year but the harvester saved $40,000 per year in labor costs. It was depre

Deployment specialists pays current dividend

Based on the work of Adam Smith, economic theory indicates that the pursuit of self-interest and profit maximization leads to the most efficient allocation and use of resource


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