Rough draft paper on good country people

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I've wriiten a rough draft paper on good country people. I got it back that it was all wrong cause I didnt have a thesis and that the paper should be about a character analysis can anyone explain to me what this means. also what does ml format

Reference no: EM13152412

Proposal and websites would be beneficial

Finding information to support my topic proposal & websites would be beneficial if someone could give me a few that would help me provide information and sources for my paper.

Argumentative essay-ideas for papers

I am writing an argumentative essay and i need to Support Or Oppose The motion i cant think of any concrete ideas for both parties but the Topic is SHOULD WOMEN WHO ARE VICTIM

Critical period in language

I have to write a short essay about the critical period in language. Can someone please help with a brief outline of how I should plan my essay? I want to include the evidence

Dangers of smoking

The dangers of smoking. Smoking is one of the major problems of the age. A health organization is agreed in the world to face the danger of smoking.

What is the first thing you would do

Read the following scenario and then answer the following questions: a. What is the first thing you would do? b. What steps might you take to assist in resolving the conflict?

What''s next for nuclear

According to "What's Next For Nuclear?" by Katie Huckfelt, nuclear power is imported in the past, and future to make a good power. Even though nuclear (power) is the first ste

Should smoking cigarette very bad habit-argumentation essay

My essay topic is "Should smoking cigarette be a very bad habit?" Could someone please give me your ideas about that topic. I will rate you well

English instructor have required us write comparison essay

My English instructor have required us to write a comparison/ contract essay. He told us that we can choose anything to compare and the essay must have 4-5 paragraphs. But I h


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