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Introduction: You were given seven task-focused and two relationship-focused problem-solving competencies that are essential skills for effective group interaction in a variety of settings. In your reading for this week, you were introduced to patterns of behavior that can move a group toward or away from the group goal. Comparing these two lists will provide greater insight to functioning in a group. Tasks: In this assignment, you are encouraged to work with your team. Your discussion in the team is ungraded but you will turn in your individual answer.

Identify each role and match it to a competency where possible. Explain your reasoning. If you believe a role does not match a competency, explain why. Which of the roles and competencies are most important for virtual groups? Explain your reasoning. Did you consult with your team? Was this work beneficial? Briefly explain your answer. Deliverables and Format:

Reference no: EM13257488

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