Role of mathematics in the composers music or artists art
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Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio: Many musical composers have used mathematics in their compositions. Some artists have created artworks that use or reflect mathematical principles.

Research one such composer or artist, and write an essay discussing the role of mathematics in the composer's music or artist's art.

Make sure you describe the mathematical concepts that are present in the creative work and what you understand about the mathematics. Your paper must be at least one full, single-spaced page long. Include a citation and a link to the source(s) you used.

Make sure to write your essay in your own words, providing citations for any words or ideas you use from other sources.

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Dmitri Tymoczko is a composer and music scholar who is a teacher at Princeton University. His 2006 article "The Geometry of Musical Chords" was the first music hypothesis article distributed in the 127-year history of Science magazine, and was generally secured in the well-known press. His music has been performed by outfits all through the nation, and he has been granted a Rhodes scholarship, a Guggenheim association, and various different honors.(Schmidt, n.d.)

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