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Active to passive: Rewrite each sentence to convert from active voice to passive voice.

1.  Children cannot open these bottles easily.

2.  The government built a road right outside her front door.

3.  When she arrived, the changes amazed her.

4.  The construction workers are making street repairs all month long.

5.  His professors were discussing his oral exam right in front of him.

6.  The snake has replaced its skin many times.

7.  Corrosion had damaged the hull of the ship.

8. The statue is being visited by hundreds of tourists every year.

9.  My books were stolen by someone yesterday.


Passive to active: Rewrite each sentence to convert from passive voice to active voice.

10.  These books had been left in the classroom by a careless student.

11.  Coffee is raised in many parts of Hawaii by plantation workers.

12.  Their home had been broken into by someone while they were on vacation.

13.  A woman was being carried downstairs by a very strong firefighter.

14.  The streets around the fire had been blocked off by the police.

15.  My car is in the garage being fixed by a dubious mechanic.

16.  A great deal of our oil will have been exported to other countries by our government.



Reference no: EM13838449

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