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Assignment: Research Paper 

Directions: Congratulations on all of the hard work! This week you will submit the final draft of your Proposal Paper. Be sure to review the Technical Communications Rubric for grading criteria. Complete instructions for the Research Paper can be found in Learning Plan 1 "Assignments" page. 

NOTE: Refer to the Technical Writing Rubric within this course. The criteria in this rubric differs from the criteria in the Writing Intensive Rubric found in other courses. 

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox "Research Paper." This assignment is worth 200 points. 

Rating Scale x Criteria = Total Points 

Final Paper Grading Criteria Ratings 


NAU adheres to a strict plagiarism policy which is outlined in the Student Handbook and the undergraduate catalog. Plagiarized papers will receive a failing grade; additional sanctions may be enforced. Exceptional 
8 points 
A Proficient 
6 points 
B Basic 
4 points 
C Unsatisfactory 
2 points 
D Absent 
0 points 

Category I. Research Segment (120 possible points / 60% of Total Score) 
1. The research topic fits course and has been approved by the instructor. 
2. The writer articulates a clear statement of purpose. 
3. The writer's proposal is realistic and achievable. 
4. The writer keeps the scope of the paper narrow enough to handle subject matter effectively. 
5. The writer demonstrates appropriate level of technical expertise for the chosen topic. 
6. The writing is well-organized. 
7. Paragraphing is appropriate with central points made in each paragraph and includes a clear topic sentence. 
8. Transitions are used to make smooth connections between ideas. 
9. Research is drawn from at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources with no more than one non-juried Internet site being used. 
10. The writer effectively used in-text citations when quoting or paraphrasing material. 
11. The writer includes primary research and discusses his/her findings in the paper. 
12. The writer integrates graphics to clarify the researcher's data. 
13. The evidence is accurate and contains a balance of both generalities and specifics (e.g., explanations, anecdotes, statistics, etc.). 
14. Overall the paper reflects college level writing skills. 
15. The conclusion contains a summary of the findings and possible recommendations for future research. 
CATEGORY I - TOTAL POINTS __________________ (120 possible) 

Category II. Critical Thinking (40 possible points / 20% of Total Score) 
16. The writer identifies and presents clear issues. 
17. The writer relies on objective data to support his /her final assertion or claim. 
18. The writer uses sound reasoning to support his/her final assertion or claim. 
19. The writer provides enough information for the audience to understand the main ideas. 
20. The author refrains from making claims without supporting evidence. 
CATEGORY II - TOTAL POINTS __________________ (40 possible) 

Category III. Components of Paper / Mechanics (40 possible points / 20% of Total Score) 
21. Writing adheres to 6th edition APA style and form. 
2. The paper is free from grammatical errors (e.g., dangling modifiers, subject-verb disagreement, verb tense shift, person shift, pronoun-antecedent disagreement, run-on sentences, comma splices, and diction errors). 
23. The paper is 10-12 pages and includes the following: (2 points for each component) 
Transmittal Letter 
Title Page 
Table of Contents 
Informative Abstract (150-200 words) 
24. The paper includes a separate Reference page that has cited all sources in correct APA format. 
25. The entire Final Research Paper shows substantial improvement over the First Draft. (Note: 8 points may be awarded in this category if the student submitted an outstanding First Draft where only minor or no revisions were needed). 
CATEGORY III - TOTAL POINTS __________________ (40 possible) 
Total possible points from Categories I, II, and III (200 points) 
FINAL GRADE (Note: a plagiarized paper receives 0 points) 

LP11.2 Assignment: Proposal Presentation 

Directions: To capitalize on your final project, you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (or you may use another presentation software) guiding the viewer through your proposal project. You will post your proposal presentation in the discussion boards so your peers can view it as well as in the dropbox so it can be graded. 

The PowerPoint presentation should include: 
1.8-10 slides (including a Title page slide and Reference page slide) 
2.Discussion of the purpose of your proposal. 
3.Discussion on the intended audience of your proposal. 
4.Discussion of your primary research methods. 
5.Discussion of your primary and secondary research findings. 
6.PowerPoint is organized in a logical manner. 
7.PowerPoint displays effective use of visual components. 
8.PowerPoint slides are clear and easy to read. 
9.PowerPoint is free of grammar and spelling errors. 
10.PowerPoint is submitted on time.

Reference no: EM13731100

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