Review the paragraph of twains wisecracks concerning racism

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Review the paragraph and check for grammatical mistakes.

Twain's wisecracks concerning racism occurs when he writes the speculation of Huckleberry's supposed "death". "Some think old Finn done it himself (...) most everybody thought it at first. He'll never know how nigh he come to getting lynched.But before night they changed around and judged it was done by a runaway nigger named Jim" (Twain 67). This remark is filled with satire, as the townspeople recognize Huck's father, Pap, as the town drunk and Jim as the runaway slave. Pap's motive for murdering Huck would be for his son's large sum of inheritance; whereas Jim would not have a motive seeing that he and Huck were always amicable with one another. The author exhibits how white people of his era would rather condemn an innocent black person for a crime, than blame one of their own kind. This is shown to be ironic, for the reason that Pap is evidently more likely to commit this crime; however, he appears to be off the hook the moment Jim's whereabouts are brought up and questioned.

Reference no: EM131134234

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