Review the current state of online privacy and freedom

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1. Debate the pros and cons of allowing these companies to target children. Are these efforts socially responsible behavior?

2. Review the current state of online privacy and freedom in your country. Explain how eBay, Facebook, and other social media Web sites can target the under-18 market and still comply with local laws.

Reference no: EM131288595

Distinguish cluster sampling from simple random sampling

In what ways is a systematic sample more efficient than a simple random sample? In what way is systematic sampling less representative of the population than simple random

Best way to manage stakeholders

What is the best way to manage stakeholders who are extremely supportive and have a high level of interest in the project, but do not have a large influence on the project?

What happens when critical path is missed or delayed

What happens to the project if a task on the Critical Path is missed or delayed. What about a task on a non-critical path that is missed or delayed?

Concept of selective exposure

Discuss the concept of selective exposure and explain why it is important to marketers. Offer some examples of how consumers engage in selective exposure.

Cost of capital based on another firms project

Develop a cost of capital for a specific project based on the cost of the capital for another firm which has a similar line of business as the project the manager

A network of web sites providing real time market data

BanxQuote operates a network of Web sites providing real-time market data from leading financial providers.- Compute the value of $10,000 invested in each account at the end o

What immediate actions will you take

Project started on time yesterday. After only one day into project you receive a call informing you that due to a fire the "Design of Cust. Parts" is delayed 5 days. What po

Describe the type of product

Look through several recent newspapers and magazines or use an Internet search engine and identify a news release, a feature article, or a captioned photograph used to publi


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