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This assignment will give you the chance to review a company's annual report, act as a consultant for a well-established organization. You will also be able to conduct research, use a strategic analysis tool to analyze a company, write an executive summary to communicate your findings, and incorporate APA style in your writing.  


You have been hired as a consultant to perform a Strategic Analysis for Macy's. At this point in the analysis you are required to:

Develop a SPACE Matrix for the company.

1. Review the company’s business as described in the company’s most recent Form 10K.

2. Review industry and competitive information pertaining to the company.

3. Write a one page executive overview, summarizing strategies that you recommend for this business segment, given your SPACE analysis. Be specific as to your recommendations.

You should submit:

Executive overview. Overview should be formatted using APA style.

Space Matrix (should be included in the overview). Use the excel template and submit the excel file along with your overview.

Reference no: EM132280583

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