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Question: In this assignment, you will be asked to review a quantitative research study.

1. Read the Quantitative Research Article: Oral Intensity: Reducing non-ventilator-associated hospital acquired pneumonia in care-dependent, neurologically impaired patients.

2. Re-read the article and examine it more closely to answer the Appraisal questions.

For this assignment, you will critique a quantitative research article.

3. Select one of the articles that you included in your Literature Review.

4. Make sure that it is a research article about a quantitative study.

5. For the critique, you must include mention of all 23 items in the outline of Nieswiedomy, page 297, for Critiquing Quantitative Research Reports.

6. Each of these items is discussed in the chapter and also on the PowerPoint for Chapter 20.

7. The report must be in APA format and should be 3-5 pages.

8. A copy of the article which you selected must also be submitted

To upload your responses to the Quantitative Research Appraisal:

*Be sure to name your file using this format (as noted in your Syllabus): Last Name First Name Qualitative Appraisal

Please place your DRAFT and FINAL papers here. The paper automatically goes through SafeAssign. You will have 2 attempts to submit your final paper -both go through SafeAssign. The first attempt is for your DRAFT, and the second attempt is for your FINAL paper. If you only submit once by the due date, then that will be your final submission.

Please check the box that says "I agree to submit my paper to the Global Reference Database" under Paper submission.

When submitting the second time, you will notice a + sign to the right of the screen which will allow you the second submission.

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Reference no: EM13873659

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