Retailer is analyzing survey data on its customer base

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A retailer is analyzing survey data on its customer base. The retailer found that 35% of its customers are men, while 10% are North Carolina residents. If 5% of its customers are women and North Carolina residents, what it the probability a customer is either a woman or a North Carolina resident?

Reference no: EM131437155

Has the aunt breached a contract with the solider

A soldier has just been discharged. His aunt, who lives on the other side of the country, suggests that he move to her area. “There are plenty of jobs for a dependable young m

When would a project manager not allow changes to baseline

Why is it important for project managers to resist changes to the project baseline? Under what conditions would a project manager make changes to a baseline? When would a proj

Explain the levels of management

Explain the levels of management. Explain these levels in your own words but remember to cite the text when appropriate. Provide an example for each level - title - role - and

Do you think the punitive damages

Do you think the punitive damages in Liebeck v. McDonald's was justified? Why, or why not? Does it make a difference that McDonald's rejected the plaintiff's settlement offer

How would it make or save money if implemented

Stating the intrinsic value is important as part of the return, but how would it make or save money if implemented vs the time and cost in delivery? Please share thoughts on

Describing transgender people

When describing transgender people, some newspapers, magazines, and other media tend to use gender-inappropriate names or pronouns, as well as other language that trans pers

Describe and apply operation management principles

Define the major activities associated with defining, organizing, planning, monitoring, and controlling projects. Describe and apply operation management principles. Develop a

Supply chain-capacity management and quality control

Explain how facets of organizational operations (supply chain, capacity management, and quality control/improvement) impact organizational outputs (product or service) and the


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