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During 2009, the demand for LCD televisions appeared to be falling. At the same time, some industry observers expected that several smaller television manufacturers might exit the market. Use a demand-and-supply graph to analyze the effects of these factors on the equilibrium price and quantity of LCD televisions. Clearly show on your graph the old equilibrium price and quantity and the new equilibrium price and quantity. What would a price ceiling set below the resulting equilibrium cause in the market? Explain.

Reference no: EM13862006

What will happen to your monthly payment

You are considering buying a new house, and have found that a $200,000, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is available with an interest rate of 4 percent. This mortgage requires 360

How pete raise his cost or lower his cost of cookies

The price elasticity of demand for Pete's chocolate chip cookies is 1.5. Pete wants to increase his total revenue. Would you recommend that Pete raise his cost or lower his

What is the probability of a positive npv

what is the expected NPV for this new machine over ten years? what is the probability of a positive NPV?

Suppose identical price setting duopoly firms

Suppose identical price setting duopoly firms have constant marginal costs of $50 per unit and no fixed costs. Consumers view the firms products as perfect substitutes. The ma

How much does ACME pay per quarter on loan

ACME Corporation constructed a small office building for their firm 5 years ago. They financed it with a bank loan for $450,000 over 15 years at 6% interest with quarterly pay

Bullying and protectionism have lot in common

Economist Steven Landsburg (New York Times, January 16, 2008 p. A23) made the point that “bullying and protectionism have a lot in common. They both use force (either directly

Describe the behavior of firms cost in the short run

Which of the following might describe the behavior of a firm's cost in the short run? If the MPL rises over a particular range of output, then over that range ____. Whenever t

Calculate economic growth rate and growth rate of real GDP

China’s real GDP was 7,394 billion yuan in 2005 and 8,000 billion yuan in 2006. China’s population growth rate in 2006 was 0.5 percent. Calculate China’s economic growth rate


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