Responsibility for diversity initiatives

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Besides the legal considerations, why does locating the responsibility for diversity initiatives in Human Resources limit the effectiveness of diversity initiatives in an organization?

Reference no: EM131103782

Specific investments in specialized factors

Assuming that the owners of labor and capital had to make prior specific investments in their specialized factors, explain the source of "failure"( or Pareto non-optimality)

Slope of the indifference through the point

What is the slope of the indifference through the point (Cn1, Cn2) if Cn1=Cn2? what inequality does the slope of the difference through the point (Cn1, Cn2) satisfy if Cn1>C

Projects as well as typical business activities similar

In what way are projects as well as typical business activities similar? For most companies projects as well as typical business activities can be described as routine.

Four functions of management

1.) Based on what you have learned about the four functions of management and how they are interrelated, share a real world example of where you have seen these functions in

Detailed action plan aimed at the organizational goals

In the planning phase, managers create a detailed action plan aimed at the organizational goals.  Strategic management, or what you will learn as strategizing, is what an or

Development of health and safety policies

How can opportunities be provided for individuals and representatives to participate in the development of health and safety policies, procedures and ongoing practices? 80-1

A transaction wherein an american seller

A transaction wherein an American seller is to transport the goods by sea from the port of Oakland, California to Vancouver, Canada and the Canadian buyer's ole obligations ar

Illustrate what is the more common practice today

With very little in the way of exceptions, the common law required no writing or signature to enter into a contract. The overwhelming numbers of contracts were verbal or ora


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