Responding to demands of decreased production

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Responding to the Demands of Decreased Production

Every business encounters situations where decisions made by another party or changes in consumer demand affect the livelihood of the company. In this discussion, consider how a decision made by another party could affect the company for which you work:

Consider how the company you work for may respond if the demand for the products or services suddenly decreased. What would be the effects of the decrease?

If a dramatic decrease in demand did occur, and you were in charge of addressing the situation, what would you do? Provide details on how you would address the situation.

How would the decision of the other party, and your proposal to improve the situation, affect consumer behavior?

Your proposal and analysis of the consumer behavior should be around 600 to 1000 words long, and should be formatted as if it would be presented to the president or owner of the company.

Reference no: EM13759249

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