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Refer to Example. The first problem solved in Example left the end-point restrictions at 0-200,000 t for both coal piles at the end of the 3-week period. Resolve the first problem V1 (1)=70, 000 and V2 (1)=70, 000 with the added restriction that the final volume of coal at plant 2 at the end of the third week be at least 20,000 t.

We are given two coal-burning generating units that must both remain on-line for a 3-week period. The combined output from the two units is to supply the following loads (loads are assumed constant for 1 week).


Load (MW)







Reference no: EM131326371

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Describe the language acquisition views of Skinner and Chomsky and how they differ in their explanation of infant language acquisition. Using evidence from your text, explai

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Choose a social phenomenon, problem, or issue that you think warrants sociological research. Critically discuss why the topic needs to be researched, define the problem within

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NRS-440V :Therefore, for the purposes of this assignment you will identify a problem or concern in your community, organization, etc. that has the capacity to be legislated.

Demonstrating good self control and regulation

Kojo is 5. His father tries to foster Kojo's development by explaining his actions to his son and demonstrating good self control. This shows how self regulation can be A) bia


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