Research the affects cannabis has on pain

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Research the affects Cannabis has on pain.

My idea for the assignment is a storefront or online business for people who suffer from pain and who have anxiety/ depression and want to treat it using cannabis.

provide all information on the subject and follow the instructions given.

Innovation Commercialization Project

• This exercise is a project where you are individually responsible for the preparation of an innovation commercialization plan for written submission based on an idea submitted in the individual creativity project.

Creating the innovation commercialization plan is an ongoing process that incorporates, each week, the theory discussed in the lectures.

The project is must be submitted electronically to the Dropboxbefore the due date.

•This is a 600-900 words + Figures and Tables

•Bibliographic references, Figures and Tables are not included in the word count

•In text citations to the bibliographic reference. Do not reference the textbook.

•12 point font Arial Regular; 1" margin throughout

•.pdf format please.

•Absolutely no Google docs

-create a .pdf and upload that

•Proper grammar and spelling and use of APA formatting

The Innovation commercialization project framework

Value proposition (115 words max: not marked: not included in the word count)

• Describe the value proposition of the innovation: what is it, who is it for, what are the compelling benefits for the target market.

Part 1: Analysis (300- 450 words + tables + 1 figure

• Porters 5 forces Table with a bulleted list of forces acting on your project & one overall hi/med/lo rating for each of the 5 forces + text justifying the hi & lows

• Stakes holder analysis (figure including all the stakeholders and hi/lo influence rating for each + text with justification for hi ones)

• Trends analysis (table with a bullet list of trends that could affect your projects success. Text discussing the top 2 hi with justification.

• Key opportunities and threats to the projects success based on the analysis above.

The Innovation Commercialization Project Framework

PART 2: Recommendations (200-250 words)

•Top three strategy recommendation based on the analysis above. These Must address the key opportunities and threats identified in the Analysis.

Be sure to consider any of the following if they apply: strategies around IP, collaboration, core competencies, project screening and ethical Considerations.

PART 3: Sustainable Competitive Advantage (100-200 words + 1 optional Figure)

• which strengths have potential to be a sustainable competitive advantage and why (this might relate to your top 3 recommendations)

Important:mention in the appendix somewhere, the license you need to sell and license to manufacture, there are two different ones to get in Canada now, as well how much can one company can legally produce and sell in a fiscal year

REFERENCES (no word limit)

• List your bibliographical references in APA standard at the end of your report. In text citations. Do not referenceThe textbook

• Not included in the word count

Reference no: EM132183884

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