Research report on software design
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Write a Research Report on software design and answer diffrent type of questions related to design.

1. Describe three naming conventions and programming conventions that you can implement to help improve the software design across multiple platforms.

2. Develop a calendar and scheduling system that runs with Windows and sync data. Runs with Web application access. Includes at least two  supplemental graphical renderings of best practice methods through the use of  Excel, Visio, MS Project, or one of their equivalents such as Open Project, Dia, and Open Office.

3. Create a common screen design.

4. Explain  the  specific  IT  administration  activities  required  to  fix  the  system

5. Submit  screen  shot  for  Windows  and  Web  application.

6. Explain how using 3,000 processors benefits Watson's computing capabilities.

7. Determine whether or not doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the number of processors would have an effect. Explain why or why not.

8. Determine whether large amounts of RAM help Watson process data pages faster

9. Predict the possible effects of doubling the amount of Watson's RAM

10. Explain the requirements for the communication network between the servers in terms of throughput, transmission speed, and protocols for reliability      

11. Explain how Watson is able to store large amounts of data

12. Determine at least five challenges of integrating many components used in the DeepQA architecture.

13. Explain the reasons for using SUSE Linux as the operating system for Watson.

14. Determine if you would use a different operating system for Watson and explain why or why not.

15. Determine the challenges of data accessibility to a clustered environment in terms of Reliability, Scalability, Data errors and failures, High-availability.

16. Explain the reasons for the Java-based UIMA framework in Watson, particularly when it comes to data flow between Watson components.

17. Identify the components that allow Watson to be usable in these systems (i.e. exchangeability of components).

18. Determine if Watson can be applied to any IT ecosystem. Explain why or why not.

19. Determine whether computer systems that support this type of processing can be considered to be equal or equivalent to humans' ability to think.

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