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Write a research report describing SAP key ERP systems. Your report should include:

. a description of each ERP

. a list and description of each associated models

. the intended purpose of each ERP and model(s)

. pricing, and other relevant technical and functional data At the end of the report, create a separate section and write your own reflection of the solutions provided. Your report should be a minimum of three (3) pages, include proper references, and use current APA formatting.


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Abstract 1
Description of ERP 1
ERP Models 1
Pricing of ERP Models 3
Our Reflection 4
References 4

In this report we are going to discuss about ERP systems, its models and its intended purpose of its implementation is business organizations. According to analysis, we got to know that ERP solutions are so much popular among business organizations for handling its day to day business activities. Most of the accounting and customer management activities are commonly handled with the help of ERP solutions. Here we will discuss about some essential concepts regarding ERP solutions.
Description of ERP

ERP is basically a industry software that is used to organize, define and standardize the various business activities or processes that are essential to plan effectively and that can control all important activities of business organizations. ERP software is powerful, secure and reliable software that is used in both large and small business organizations. ERP software modules can provide help to administration of an organizations to manage supply chain, procurement, inventory, finance and human resources. Due to these reasons ERP consider to be important. SAP ERP software is highly recommended in business corporations.

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