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Students are required to submit for grading a Formal Proposal in Unit VIII. Using the guidelines in your textbook, write aFormal Proposal (minimum of seven pages, including the cover page). The proposal should include:

1. Cover/Title

Page2. Letter/Memo of Transmittal

3. Table of Contents

4. Executive Summary

5. Introduction

6. Discussion Sections

7. Conclusion

8. Appendices (include an APA style Reference Page

)If necessary, include a List of Illustrations. Be sure to include that material in your Table of Contents.For this proposal, imagine that you own a company that has been asked to provide a proposal to solve a problem in yourlocal community. Research possible topics in local newspapers, and be sure to provide references for any outsidesources you use in your proposal. Below is a list of sample topics:1. Planned construction (roads, shopping centers, etc.)2. Pensions for public employees3. Improvements in public education4. Advertising local businesses

Reference no: EM13825095

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