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Research organizational benefits of using databases and DBMS's (see Suggested Reading or use the CSU Online Library). Supplement your research with a review of your lessons, and then, apply this research to the discussion board. Respond to the following statements. Include your research and personal experiences as part of your answers. Discuss at least two reasons organizations use databases and DBMS's. Discuss one advantage a database has over a spreadsheet.

Reference no: EM131277713

Company pull off another disruptive innovation

Apple: Can the Company Pull Off Another Disruptive Innovation? Read the case study and discuss the following questions: 1. Why is Apple so successful? 2. How long can their su

Order raw material to make special polymer

Goop Inc needs to order a raw material to make a special polymer. The demand for the polymer is forecasted to be normally distributed with a mean of 250 gallons and a standard

Contractual requirements for schedule reports

Why is it important that you understand the contractual requirements for schedule reports and graphics contained in the project specifications when bidding a construction proj

Exercise for uncertain demand

In a given period demand for an item is equally likely to be any value between 100 and 199 units. Each unit of the item costs £75 and can be sold for £100. At the end of the p

About horse care-nutrition and riding

Sapphire Farm is a business that trains and boards horses and educates young riders about horse care, nutrition, and riding. The farm provides both a learning and a fun enviro

Briefly describe mcdonald value chain

Briefly describe McDonald's value chain and discuss how information systems facilitate each component in the chain. how could information technology improve your next trip t

Discuss role that norms and culture play in change program

What is the role that norms and culture play in a change program? Define all and explain. Identify all forces that increase the inclination of the client system to accept the

Created motivation for this particular legislation

Identify and discuss a new law from the current or most recent legislative session pertaining to Texas Community Colleges on a topic of personal interest. How will the new law


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