Research can be used to increase church membership
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What types of research can be used to increase church membership?

I don''t need all 3,000 words. What I''m looking for is a comprehensive outline and some definitions, as well as some recommended references.


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We know the fact that, due to effect of terrorism and other natural threats the people are spending more time in churches and other related places for managing their issues in an effective way. We have to use different methods and strategies for increasing the church membership in an effective way. Research methods and tools are highly helpful for identifying the factors that influences the church membership in a productive way. As per the report of Faith Communities Today (2008) research methods and strategies are highly supportive for understanding the different aspects related with the church membership. Now we can analyze the research methods and strategies which is used to increase the church membership

As per the report of British Social Attitudes survey 1983-2010, people are showing more interest for leading religious life. We can focus on the descriptive research method in order for increasing the church membership in a productive way. Descriptive research methods are highly helpful for the researchers and people to understand the factors influencing the church membership in an effective way. It also helps the researcher for conducting an detailed analysis of the topic in an speedy way. By using the descriptive statistics analysis we can able to understand the relation between the different variables and information. Most of the researchers are using descriptive statistics for getting the accurate results in an effective way.

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