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True and False

1. Since government regulations and various technical standards exist across major trading countries, it is relatively easy to develop a global database to consolidate information and sourcing strategy.

2. The T’s & C’s (i.e. terms and conditions included in a purchase order) from a company do not vary from purchase to purchase no matter what goods or services are being acquired

3. In a supply chain, a process is a defined as a set of activities that has a beginning and an end, occurs in a vague series of events, and has both inputs and outputs.

4. ERP was initially used with very small companies, but there are now situations where it could be used in a larger firm.

5. Today we are able to view a key supplier’s catalog on-line, and it could be configured to include the specific items, prices, and other details negotiated by the two parties

6. Implementing e-procurement software may allow low dollar purchase orders to be effectively managed.

7. Expediting (i.e. asking for a quicker Leadtime) of an existing order is called typical buyer follow-up.

8. Technology advances are requiring more people to be engaged in the procurement function.

Reference no: EM132280630

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