Requirements and policies of the secure wireless network

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  • Requirements and Policies of the Secure Wireless Network: State the requirements and general security policies that will drive your design of a secure wireless network at the SOHO. It should be about 5-10 sentences or bullet points.
  • Secure Wireless Network Solution Overview:Outline the technical functionality and customer requirements of your secure wireless network. Tell us what the design can do. Include any special conditions, limitations, or exceptions that exist. It should be about 5-10 sentences or bullet points.
  • Secure Wireless Network Design Illustration:Using a graphic illustration tool, such as Visio, document the logical design of your secure wireless network design. It should be about two pages.
  • Citations and Resources Used in This Report:Tell us where you received external guidance and ideas. If you have presented original ideas, give yourself credit, and tell us why you believe it is correct.

Reference no: EM131171614

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