Represent a graph as an adjacency matrix

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Write a program to represent a graph as an adjacency matrix.consider the vertices of the graph to Vi,i=1-----n.Input n=the number of vertices in the graph and a sequence of integer pairs i,j to indicate that there is an edge between Vi and Vj and do a breadth first search of all the vertices in the graph. The output should consist of (in order of vertex number) for each vertex (3 ints) vertex number, # of edges on the shortest path froom V1 to this vertex, immediate previous vertex on this shortest path.Your prgram should be able to determin that a vertex is unreachable and that information should be included in the output

Reference no: EM13259839

Federal bureaucrats generally act

Judge whether you think that federal bureaucrats generally act in the best interests of their agencies or in the best interests of the government. Explain why?

Number of adult offenses the seriousness of adult offenses

The level of exposure to lead appears to be a reliable predictor of all but which of the following The number of juvenile offenses The seriousness of juvenile offenses The num

How is ebph different from evidence-based medicine

The concept of evidence-based practice is well established in numerous disciplines including psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, and public health. Respond to the fo

Internet file-sharing programs

Internet file-sharing programs such as Kazaa are popular among college students. These programs work by allowing non-organizational users to access any local network where des

What would your task analysis look like

Choose a behavior you would like to shape on someone you know. Select a terminal and initial behavior and the steps you would use to shape the behavior. Would you utilize pu

Data to analyze include educational achievement

The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find your sources. Data to analyze include educational achievement, income, health statistics, family dynamics, and economic secur

Identify responsibilities of the healthcare administrator

Identify the responsibilities of the healthcare administrator. Evaluate various types of healthcare facilities and the different types of services performed in these facilitie

WWI were the impetus for WWI poetry.

While the image of the soldier poet may seem like an unlikely mix, the devastating effects of technological warfare experienced during WWI were the impetus for WWI poetry.


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