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Question: Please reply to each discussion with significant content. Do not just agree with the student but provide supporting content if you agree or disagree. There are three discussion responses attached in a file. Please respond with a minimum of 150-200 words for each discussion.

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Reference no: EM132280825

What form of government exist in this nation

What form of government exist in this nation? who are the current ruler and ruling party? Are elections free and fair? What are the most important issues the government faces?

The architecture of the greeks and romans

The architecture of the Greeks and Romans has influenced people for centuries. When the founding fathers of America began to design Washington, DC, how were they influenced by

What communications channels-media-target audience

An organization must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each medium before investing time, creativity, and money in it. For example, a news conference or a gr

Accumulating thermal energy

If you had a tank that was hypothetically 100% insulated and the water contained inside was heated with a gas stove, would the water get to a point when it cannot contain an

Discuss sleep hygiene techniques

What has the chapter taught you about your sleep pattern (whether healthy or dysfunctional), and what steps help contribute to good sleep? Discuss sleep hygiene techniques.

Dealing with stress and violence in the workplace

Working in the health care industry often puts health care professionals in the line of danger from ill patients, stressed families, overburdened health care facilities, and

Write paper on current-event news

Two 2 page analysis papers will be required during the semester of a current-event news story. The paper must contain the date of the event and the source from which it was

Roaring twenties and the rebellious sixties

Similarities and differences between the "roaring twenties" and the "rebellious sixties" as eras of social change. What sociological impact did these generations have upon the


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