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1. Some sociologists have defined "formalization" as the extent of regulation in an organization. In one research project, the degree of formalization was indicated by a count of the number and types of documents used in an organization. This is an example of 
a. conceptualization
b. operationalization
c. validation
d. verification
e. reification

2. The extent to which strategies to measure concepts actually do so is called 

a. reliability
b. conceptualization
c. validity
d. generalizability
e. operationalization

3. A high school placement office administers to all college- bound seniors a test of their desirability to colleges. Later in the semester, he compares their test scores to the proportion of colleges to which they were accepted out of the total number to which they applied. This is an example of ___________ validation. 

a. content validation
b. face validation
c. concurrent validation
d. construct validation
e. predictive validation

4. Reliability measures 

a. help researchers interpret open-ended questions.
b. indicate whether responses to multiple questions are consistent.
c. provide a test of causal hypotheses.
d. indicate the statistical significance of cause-effect relations.
e. establish the generalizability of measurement results.

Reference no: EM13179213

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