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Article layout:

2 pages single space.

A)    Overview/Summary

B)    Opinion/Analysis

C)     Relevance to financial management

The Overview/Summary section should include a statement of the author’s hypothesis or proposition. This section should be the briefest.

The Opinion/Analysis section should demonstrate your critical thinking and analysis of the subject matter.

The relevance to Development Strategies section should offer an insight-building summary, recommendations, findings and conclusion


Investment Philosophy


What is it? Why is it important? Etc…

Word Limit: 1200


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When we give adherence to the advice of the world’s top most investors, we get to know the reason behind their perpetual success in investing and investment philosophy. More importantly, the investment philosophy will come in the form of a strategy being deployed by them over the period of time which is nothing but manifestation of the investment philosophy. Strategies evolve over the period of time giving us ample time to adjust and make new strategies which then takes the mode of investment strategy to rework on your investments.

Further it is provided that investment philosophies are based on the belief of oneself and based on the belief of principles and practices which guides one through the decision making process. Where the market goes through a difficult period and through a dark uncertainty, this is the period where the investment philosophies of one comes to use and guides one through this difficult phase.


It is also seen that the rational investors always focus on the short term profits when they decide to invest in the markets. This is primarily true because a rational investor is concerned about short term profits and not long term horizon. However in reality it is perceived that short term benefits always hampers the growth of the longer horizon investments and investors generally churn their investments into this process.

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