Relationship of your hypothesis to the identified problem

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Research Question and Hypothesis

After reading the feedback on your proposed quantitative research question in M1 Assignment 2, provide your revised quantitative research question. Next, develop a hypothesis for the research question (Include a null and an alternative hypothesis for your question.).

Keep in mind that a hypothesis is a specific statement of prediction. A hypothesis describes in concrete (rather than theoretical) terms what you expect will happen in your study. It should be testable and often mirrors the research question in the way that it is written.

For example, there is a positive correlation between having an alcoholic parent and alcoholism in adulthood.

Once you have clearly stated your research question and hypothesis, discuss the following (in 1 to 2 pages):

• Why is a null hypothesis required in research? How is the null hypothesis used when drawing conclusions from the collected data?

• What is the relationship of your hypothesis to the identified problem?

• How is your hypothesis feasible?

• How is your hypothesis measurable and testable?

Reference no: EM13899080

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