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A study was done to investigate whether there is a relationship between survival of patients with coronary heart disease and pet ownership. A representative sample of 92 patients with CHD was taken. Each of these patients was classified as having a pet or not and by whether they survived one year following their first heart attack. Of 53 petowners, 50 survived. Of 39 non-pet owners, 28 survived. Note that the standard error of the difference in the two proportions is 0.34.Suppose you were interested in doing a statistical analysis of these study results.Answering the follow questions to help you with this goal!

(a) Estimate a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of patients surviving at least one year beyond the first heart attack in each of the groups (pet/no pet).

(b) Is this a randomized study? What does this suggest when translating the statistical result from part (a) into a substantive/scientific conclusion?

Reference no: EM131038072

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