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Question 1: In your own words, what is the difference between data, information and knowledge?  Explain how each is used within information systems and how businesses should consider the uses of each?  Be sure to provide examples in your explanation.

Question 2: Describe why relational databases are more efficient AND effective for data management in organizations. How does the task of data normalization help to achieve these goals?

Question 3: What is the difference between push and pull data analysis? Describe the three Vs of Big Data.  Explain how Business Intelligence (BI) system tools are utilized in to analyze Big Data (push vs pull).

Question 4: Why is the security essential to the overall system plan for an organization?  How do IS managers identify threats and vulnerabilities?  Describe at least three types of threats that organizations face today (be specific...internal vs external,  deliberate vs accidentally, & impact).

Reference no: EM13727624

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