Regarding the three-tier architecture of a web design?

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1. Which part in a computer system is described as a brain of the system?


B. Main memory



Question 2.2. 2. The ______________________ technology uses the Internet to create the appearance of private point-to-point connections.

A. three-tier

B. virtual private network

C. hypervisor

D. domain name system


Question 3. Which are the three major components in a three-tier architecture for Web development?

A. first tier - second tier -third tier

B. Web tier - Logistics tier - Management tier

C. User tier - Server tier - Database tier

D. Mobile tier - Cloud tier - Security tier


Question 4. What is the main function of meta data?

A. Create rows in a data table

B. Describe the attributes of data in a database

C. Create dates in a data table

D. Query databases


Question 5. ____________________ is the process of converting a poorly structured table into two or more well-structured tables.

A. Screening

B. Description

C. Normalization

D. Reduction

Question 6. What feasibility assessments should be performed in the system definition step in a system development life cycle?

A. cost, schedule, technical, and structure

B. income, outcome, readiness, and back-up plan

C. Web server, clients computer, and cyber security

D. cost and supplier relationship

Question 7. A __________________ system is an information system that supports business processes by consolidating and analyzing data in a large database to help users create information.

A. value chain

B. manufacturing

C. logistics

D. business intelligence

Question 8. A __________________ is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table.

A. foreign key

B. primary key

C. metadata

D. query

Question 9. A __________________ is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in another table.

A. foreign key

B. primary key

C. metadata

D. query

Question 10. Which column could be the primary key of the table below?

A. CustomerID

B. OrderID

C. ProductName

D. Price


Question 11. Which columns could be primary keys (Table names are Student and Student_Account)?

A. ID and StudentID

B. StudentID and ReceiptID

C. ID and ReceiptID

D. StudentID and Amount


Question 12. Which column could be the primary key of the table below?

A. CustomerID

B. RepresentativeID

C. TransactionID

D. Comment

Question 13. What makes a relational connection between two tables in an entity-relationship database design?

A. Metadata

B. Query

C. Foreign key

D. Primary key

Question 14. Which column could be the primary key of the table below?
A. ID701
B. ID402

C. ID056

D. Status

Question 15. What are the options of implementing a new system in a company?

A. prototype and actual model

B. preliminary and advanced design

C. pilot installation, phased installation, parallel installation, and plunge installation

D. testing, implementation, and collecting feedback

Question 16. _________ is the ability to model the components of the system and to connect the inputs and outputs among those components into a sensible whole, one that explains the phenomenon observed.

A. Abstraction

B. System thinking

C. Collaboration

D. Experimentation

Question 17. ___________ refer to transforming inputs into final products in a value chain.

A. Inbound logistics

B. Manufacturing /Operations

C. Outbound logistics

D. Sales and marketing activities

Question 18. ___________ refer to inducing buyers to purchase products and providing a means for them to do so in a value chain.

A. Inbound logistics

B. Manufacturing / Operations

C. Outbound logistics

D. Sales and marketing activities

Question 19. Company A is manufacturing an Android smartphone. It is facing several competitions from other brands such as Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Company A's smartphone displays completely come from Samsung. Which statement is correct?

A. Customers have low bargaining powers over Company A's smartphone.

B. Samsung have high bargaining powers over Company A.

C. The substitute threat to Company A's smartphone is low.

D. The new entrant threat to Company A is low.

Question  20. Which statement is correct regarding the three-tier architecture of a Web design?

A. The data are processed in the client tier.

B. The three-tier architecture increases the workload of the client tier.

C. The three-tier architecture reduces the workload of the server tier.

D. All data are stored in the client tier.

Reference no: EM13851928

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