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Reflections on the individual or group experience during the group assessment.

The individual reflection report is designed to allow students to evaluate their group'sor self performance, and their individual contributions the group's performance based on hindsight against theoretical principles. It is designed to encourage students to take ownership of their learning, their performance and their outcomes. Reflection is an important consideration when analyzing success or failure or improvement and this is the key to the assessment task. A SWOT analysis may be of benefit.

Students need to write a reflection report discussing and analysing the group work process undertaken during the simulation project or if they worked alone the benefits of working in a group in future. Students should refer to team work theory, and explain how well or poorly it can or did operate in their own specific performance. Students should conclude with at least three actions points that can improve their future work in a group performance, now that you have the benefit of experience and hindsight.

The report is to be reflective and evaluative (use referenced theory), and it is important that you offer critical insight. Avoid offering descriptive accounts as to "who had which role" and "what happened, when this or that went right or wrong". The review should focus on what you learnt as a consequence of the role(s) you fulfilled, leadership you offered or experienced, exemplary practices, the use of new found skills, or "moments of truth" (e.g., finding out how to give and receive feedback - the hard way).

Reference no: EM13747932

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