Reflect on the struggles of these courageous people

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Reaction paper watch the document and answer the following question base on the class knowledge "Eyes on the prize episode 2: fighting back 1957-1962)

1. Describe your lasting reaction to the video (which may be intellectual, emotional, physical, or even Spiritual)

2. Reflect on the struggles of these courageous people. They fought and sacrificed for the opportunity to get into school. To what extend would you be willing to make similar sacrifices to have access to an education? What sacrifices have you already made?

3. Discuss the political and legal dynamic of the 2 main cases depicted in this video (Little Rock 9 and James Meredith). What were the major constitution issues and how were they overcome?

4. In this video we saw the difficulties facing the federal government when addressing issues of race in the United States. Keep in mind that this is an issue every American has and will continue to deal with. Do you think this country may once again take the part of violence and blatant discrimination witnessed in the video? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132281132

Narrowly defined aspect of american history

The end product should not be a comprehensive study of a topic but rather a focused examination of a specific theme (a microhistory) that you choose based on your reading of t

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Comparing and contrasting ideas about gender, sex and love in classical societies (500BCE-500CE) in India, China, Greece and Rome. What did it mean to be a man or a woman in t

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The dream of forming a Pan-Hellenic Empire by Athens was shattered by the rivalry of Athens and Sparta. Athens and Sparta were the two leading powers in the Ancient Greece.

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write the obituary, you must utilize at least three sources. ONE source must be a biography or historical work written about your figure. I recommend that you use historical

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What did some reform-minded Catholics in Nicaragua hope that the pope might do during his visit to that country? What position did the pope eventually make clear to the Nicara

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Gustave Courbet saw himself as not only an artist but as a social reformer. his painting, The Stone Breakers, is one of his greatest. With this painting, how is he trying refo

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In the excerpt, king john says he had no other options but to sign the magna carta. Do you agree with his statement? Write a paragraph either defending King John decision or

Motives behind the emergence of film europe

How did the major Hollywood firms respond to the challenge posed by First National Exhibitors' Circuit in 1917?  What kinds of benefits resulted from the industry's adoptio


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