Reflect on the struggles of these courageous people

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Reaction paper watch the document and answer the following question base on the class knowledge "Eyes on the prize episode 2: fighting back 1957-1962)

1. Describe your lasting reaction to the video (which may be intellectual, emotional, physical, or even Spiritual)

2. Reflect on the struggles of these courageous people. They fought and sacrificed for the opportunity to get into school. To what extend would you be willing to make similar sacrifices to have access to an education? What sacrifices have you already made?

3. Discuss the political and legal dynamic of the 2 main cases depicted in this video (Little Rock 9 and James Meredith). What were the major constitution issues and how were they overcome?

4. In this video we saw the difficulties facing the federal government when addressing issues of race in the United States. Keep in mind that this is an issue every American has and will continue to deal with. Do you think this country may once again take the part of violence and blatant discrimination witnessed in the video? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132281132

Middle east that includes the city of jerusalem

The Crusades were the religious wars of the Middle Ages in which Christians from Europe fought to regain control of the Holy Land from Muslims, which is a sacred area of the

Write a book review of the book karen king

Write a Book review of the book Karen King. The Gospel of Mary of Magdala. Polebridge Press , 2003. Paying special attention to these instructions "Identify author's thesis/a

People lose the natural goodness with which they were born

According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, why did people lose the natural goodness with which they were born? Answer Man's inherent nature is to sin Society and civilization corrupt

Throughout the paleolithic age

Throughout the Paleolithic Age, the human population had been small and relatively stable. With the shift from food gathering to food production, however, populations grew exp

Write a news story on scopes monkey trial and volstead act

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word news story on Scopes Monkey Trial and Volstead Act. The 1920s introduced many modern conveniences, such as washing machines, and many modern ideas

Foregin-policies-laws-acts and corruption

What are some economic factors of Batista’s Government that were singnificantto the 1959 revolution ? Like Foregin-policies, laws, Acts, Corruption... ete. But this has to be

How do burial rituals build identity sense of community

How do burial rituals build identity and strengthen the sense of community for the living? What factors have shaped these customs and values-religious, political, geographical

Who served as captain of endeavor

Who served as captain of the Endeavor as it sailed for the South Pacific in 1768? Which of the following authors is most closely associated with Lambert Strether, a key chara


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