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Assignment Choice: Understanding Supply Chain Management in Your Business Strategy

The purpose of this assignment is to consider supply chain management (SCM) and SCM systems within the context of business strategy. Choose any organization and prepare a one-page summary. Include the following in the summary: organization name, primary customer base, and how they differentiate themselves in the market. You are free to choose any organization that provides products to its customers. Avoid organizations that primarily provide services, such as financial service firms, insurance firms, and the like. Good candidate organizations may include Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nordstrom, or Wal-Mart. A good place to find this information is in the CSU-Global Library under the "Company-Business" link.

Use the following questions to guide your paper:

Above-the-line versus below-the-line: In what ways could your organization use its supply chain management system to support above-the-line initiatives? In what ways could your organization use its supply chain management system to support below-the-line initiatives?

Porter's Five Forces Model: In what ways could your organization use its supply chain management system to: (1) reduce buyer power as a supplier, (2) reduce supplier power as a buyer, (3) reduce the threat of substitute products or services, and (4) reduce the threat of new entrants?

Value Chain: Within your organization, is supply chain management a support value process or a primary value process? Please justify your answer.

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This assignment is based on supply chain management used in business strategy for effectiveness and development of organization. Wal-Mart's primary customer base, its five forces model, supply chain management and its Above-the-line & Below-the-line initiatives for evaluating its functions. The strengths and core competencies of Wal-Mart are showcased for discussing the business and market strategies used by them for maintaining the development and position. All their unique tools are displayed which makes them stand unique from its customers.

Reference no: EM13757610

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