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A perishable dairy product is ordered daily at a particular supermarket. The product, which costs $1.19 per unit, sells for $1.65 per unit. If units are unsold at the end of the day, the supplier takes them back at a rebate of SI per unit. Assume that daily demand is approximately normally distributed with mean 150 and standard deviation 30. What is your recommended daily order quantity for the supermarket? 

Reference no: EM131153086

Employee needs affect planning of development programs

How do employee needs affect the planning of development programs? What is the value of training an employee in a number of different jobs done by his or her workgroup, known

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Who would be more likely to have concerns about dealing with labor groups: American firms considering investments in Germany, Japanese firms considering investing in Pennsylva

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A computer company produces two types of computers: Pear computers and Banana computers. To be able to produce these computers 3000 chips and 1200 hours of labor are available

Objectives of the burger assembly and ordering process

What are the objectives of the Burger Assembly and Ordering Process? What are the objectives of the sub-processes reflected in the different swim lanes? Please write a procedu

Developing an hhm for a high-speed rail project

Developing an HHM for a High-Speed Rail Project. The purpose of this problem is to identify diverse characteristics and attributes of a high-speed rail project. A High-Speed R

Gas processing plant has vat of industrial lubricant

A gas processing plant has a vat of important industrial lubricant for the machinery at the plant. Since an external supplier is responsible for maintaining the inventory of t


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