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After reviewing the Bhopal web site, reading the NASA article, and conducting further research into the impact of an organizations' culture on success and failure answer the following questions:
(1) What can an individual learn about organizational culture after visiting the Bhopal Web Site and reading the NASA article?

(2) In considering the two incidents, can one determine responsibility; for example, a careless individual or a culture that facilitated inadequacies?

(3) If you could only chose one, is the organization's culture or certain organizational member(s) responsible for the incidents? Thoroughly, explain your choice.

(4) As implied in Mr. Smith's article, was NASA's corporate culture really responsible for the Columbia disaster?

(5) Can we punish an organization's culture for incidents that cause people harm or death?

(6) Do you recognize generic similarities or differences between the NASA and Union Carbine incidents and the organization culture where you currently work or an organization which you were associated with in the past? Provide two examples that explain the similarities or differences.
Configure your response to facilitate discussion, not just a simple list of answers to questions or "yes" and "no". To receive maximum credit for this assignment include:

include at least two references, for instance a WEB URL or newspaper article that you used in forming your opinions and contributing to this thread.
provide an informed opinion here, not something simply from the gut, place the reference in the response where they are used; cite the reference
use references beyond the textbook, website, and article provided

Reference no: EM1393486

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