Recognise the laws relating to companies in australia
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Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

• Recognise the laws relating to companies in Australia; and

• Examine the duties, rights and responsibilities of company officers

The length of the written assignment is to be approximately 1000 Words.

The written assignment and presentation slides must be in the IRAC method.

Present two parts R and C of the IRAC method ( R=Relevant laws and principles, C= conclusion and court outcome).

Case: North v Marra Developments Ltd (1981)


Have a look on this website to make discusion, explain and conclusion as well.


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The present case under consideration relates to that of recovery of fees for professional services and that the same includes all the steps taken by the appellant to recover the fees or charges for the services provided by him to the client. The client however denied paying the amount to the service provider, and hence the matter was raised to the level of high court. The overall response of the high court was received and the same was then taken fresh to the Supreme Court. The relevant laws and the principles and the conclusion and court outcome of the said case are discussed in details in the succeeding paragraphs.

Relevant Laws and Principles
The relevant law relating to the amount payable for the services rendered or agreed to be rendered upon are Contract Act, and the Securities Act. The contract act would provide for all the terms and conditions relating to the contract and the situations wherein the contract would be held to be valid and the terms of the contract would said to be applicable to the parties.

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