Recent developments occurred in international trade theory

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Choose ONE of the following: EITHER "Whatever recent developments have occurred in international trade theory, in reality, the competitiveness of a location reflects the availability of resources in that location." Discuss this statement in the light of contemporary patterns of world trade and in the light of contemporary theories of trade. OR Discuss how economic theory can help us to explain the competitive advantages of MNEs and why supply chain and outsourcing has become very critical for the global companies. Word limits - 2,500 words The bibliography is not included in the word count.

Reference no: EM13942863

Identify an ethical dilemma in a business situation

Present the development of your ethical awareness and reasoning through an annotated portfolio of evidence supported by a 1500 word essay in which you first will identify an

Financial forecasts to navigate current and future change

Review the changes that have taken place over the past few years due to the Affordable Care Act. What additional changes are required? How can health care leaders use strate

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Financial performance measures are vitally important to assessing corporate performance. However, financial measures are primarily backward looking in that they measure the

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What are some ways that recruiting would be done differently to attract more African Americans? Latinos? Women? What are some ways that training would be done differently for

Reliability of the argument

Which of the following is the best challenge to the strength or reliability of the argument above? a. It is possible for the argument to have all true premises and a false con

What is required to implement an organization''s commitment

What is required to implement an organization's commitment to social responsibility? What are the main obstacles to implementing socially responsible policies? Name specific a

Calculate easy-flo optimal output

a. Where Q is the number of barrels of ink produced. b. Calculate Easy-Flo's optimal output and profits if ink prices are stable at $55 per barrel. c. Calculate Easy-Flo's opt

What products or services does compsis provide

What does Compsis do? What products/services does Compsis provide? How does Compsis make money (who are the customers)? Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and thre


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